In dieser Nacht gab es wieder ein kleines Hotfix für World of Warcraft, aktuell befinden wir uns im Patch 7.3.5, welches das letzte große Patch vor der nächsten Erweiterung sein soll. Hier findet ihr die englische Original-Fassung des gesamten Hotfixs.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Court of Stars
    • Watchful Inquisitors should no longer cast Searing Glare while stunned.

Player versus Player

  • Seething Shore
    • Seething Shore is now in the Random Battleground queue, starting at level 110.
    • Mining an Azerite Node now awards 20 Honor (was 40 Honor).
    • The A Good Start achievement now requires 25,000 Azerite (was 100,000 Azerite).
    • The Blood and Sand achievement now displays correctly when linked in chat.
    • The „Thrust“ effect from the Rocket Parachute now has 4 charges (was 2 charges), allowing players to reach further areas when jumping from the airship.
    • The geyser period of Azerite nodes is now extended to 30 seconds (was 20 seconds). This will give players more time to reach spawning Azerite nodes.
    • The respawn time at the graveyard is now 20 seconds (was 15 seconds).
    • The time to cap an Azerite node is increased to 7 seconds (was 6 seconds).
      • Developers’ notes: We’d like to thank you for all your feedback on this new Battleground. The adjustments above should alleviate some of its pacing issues, as well as bring its most-arduous achievement more in line with other battleground achievements.


  • Lord Maxwell Tyrosus is now reliably available during “Walking in Shadows”.


  • The Jolly Roger appears as expected on Allied Races.