Auch Heute veröffentlichte Blizzard wieder ein kleines Hotfix für das aktuelle Patch 7.0.3 in World of Warcraft. Wiedermal gibt es hier viele kleine Anpassungen, denkt daran, dass tägliche Hotfixes bei einem derartig großen Patch, wie das 7.0.3 nicht ungewöhnlich sind. Wie immer haben wir nachfolgend für Euch das englische Original der Patchnote.

Die deutsche Übersetzung ist noch nicht verfügbar.




  • Casting Disengage no longer causes your character to stop auto-attacking.


  • Renewing Mist can no longer activate Uplifting Trance until Vivify is learned.
  • The cooldown for Rising Sun Kick is now halved when it is cast before using Serenity.


  • Rain of Fire will continue to deal damage if the Warlock is silenced, feared, or stunned.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Blackrock Foundry
    • Corrected an issue that would cause Hans’gar and Franzok to reset when a player outside the encounter area was targeted by Body Slam.


  • Fel Rangari Anaara in Tanaan Jungle no longer casts the ability Blessing of the Fallen Kings.


  • The quest “The Lord of the Blackrock” again takes place in the expected location, and is properly marked on the World Map and minimap.
  • The Antechamber Guardian again spawns as expected when the quest “What Lies Within” is accepted.
  • The Moat Monster Feeding Kit has been repaired so that players can again complete the quest “Moat Monster!”.


  • Haste gems that were previously Multistrike gems now have new icons in order to differentiate them from other Haste gems.