Blizzard veröffentlichte eine aktuelle Liste der bekannten Fehler zum Legion Release. Zum Release gibt es natürlich auch kleinere Fehler. Das lässt sich nun einmal nicht vermeiden, deswegen gibt es hier eine Liste der bekannten Fehler, damit ihr wisst was noch behoben wird. Habt ihr ein Problem, schaut zuerst in die Liste ob dieser Fehler nicht evtl. schon bekannt ist. Die Liste ist in englisch, direkt von Blizzard.


7.0.3 Known Issues – Updated 8/29/2016

Spells, Talents & Abilities

  • Priest – Sins of the Many does not increase Atonement healing.
  • Priest – Artificial Damage does not increase the damage dealt by Shadowfiend or Mindbender.
  • Priest – Artificial Damage on Light’s Wrath is reducing the amount of healing received by Atonement when a hostile creature is attacked by Shadowfiend or Mindbender.
  • Shaman – Queen’s Decree is a magic dispellable buff which constantly reapplies.
  • Shaman – Tidal Pools fails to heal via Tidal Totem when multiple procs occur.
  • Shaman – Stormflurry does not proc off Windstrike .
  • Druid – Fury of Elune will channel indefinitely if its cast while Preparation is active.
  • Death Knight – Army of the Dead ghouls do not despawn when switching specializations.
  • Hunter – Explosive Trap occasionally despawns rather than exploding and doing damage on a moving target.
  • Hunter – Ranger’s Net does not try to slow the target if they are immune to the root effect.
  • Hunter – Caltrops stops applying its DoT while the Hunter is crowd controlled.
  • Hunter – Throwing Axes does not always throw three axes.
  • Hunter – The Frozen Wake effect from Expert Trapper Freezing Trap triggers around the Hunter, rather than the target who was trapped.
  • Hunter – Caltrops does not inherit the caster’s crit.
  • Hunter – Caltrops does not spawn if the player does not have line of sight when the skill lands.
  • Hunter – Dragonsfire Grenade does not DoT the target if the player does not have line of sight when the skill lands.
  • Hunter – Harpoon does not move the player to the target if they are invulnerable.
  • Hunter – Harpoon does not pull you to the target if you face away after it is cast.
  • Paladin – Devotion Aura is falling off the Paladin if moving at a speed of 11 or more.
  • Paladin – You can not hex someone out of Divine Steed.
  • Rogue – Shadowstep Requires pathing in Raids, Battlgrounds and Arenas when used on players.
  • Rogue – Flare prevents Shadow Dance from being used.
  • Demon Hunter – Havoc’s Metamorphosis does not clear when switching specializations to Vengeance.
  • Demon Hunter – Glide breaks Invisibility gained from Skaggldrynk .
  • Warlock – The Honor Talent ability Bane of Havoc will not pop enemy Rogues out of their stealth nor place the debuff Bane of Havoc on them.


Encounters, Dungeons & Raids

  • The Arcway – Advisor Vandros : Players who do not actively engage in combat with the Advisor are not impacted by Banish in Time , allowing groups to bypass the mechanic.
  • Cenarius : It is possible for Malfurion to not target an object spawned during Forces of Nightmare with Cleansing Ground.
  • Challenge Mode – Vault of the Wardens – Grimhorn the Enslaver does not count towards Enemy Forces killed.
  • Challenge Mode 2.0 – Challenger’s Burden appears on the raid frames while in combat.



  • The Toravon’s Whiteout Bindings buff icon is using a placeholder icon and has no details.
  • The tooltip for Tome of the Clear Mind displays the wrong level requirement in English clients.
  • Rhonin’s Assaulting Armwraps – Rhonin’s Assaulting Armwraps can proc from each Arcane Missile tick.
  • Priest – X’anshi, Shroud of Archbishop Benedictus’ buff tracker Archbishop Benedictus’ Restitution can be clicked off.



  • In the quest “Going Down, Going Up” the bungee rope attached to the player disappears after the player reaches the bottom of the pit.
  • If the player dies during the quest “Going Down, Going Up” , events and dialogue in the quest do not line up.
  • Death Knights – The battle for Light’s Hope Chapel will freeze during “The Light of Dawn”.
  • Sky Admiral Rogers will fall through the Skyfire when players accept the quest “Making the Rounds”.
  • Dread-Rider Malwick will sometimes not respawn after being killed for the quest “Assault and Battery” if he is kited too far away from his Riding Bat.