In dieser Nacht brachte Blizzard wieder ein Hotfix für World of Warcraft Legion heraus. Die aktuelle Patchnote zum Hotfix findet ihr hier in englischer Originalfassung.



  • Druid
    • Fixed a bug that caused Ironfur’s duration to be inaccurate when modified by time effects.
  • Monk
    • Dampen Harm will now calculate its damage reduction % based on the size of the hit before Stagger (was after).

Dungeons and Raids

  • The Nighthold
    • High Botanist Tel’arn
      • High Botanist Tel’arn should now correctly obey loot settings on Mythic difficulty.


  • Artifact Power items now have a sell price.
  • Might of Krosus: Fixed a bug that caused Might of Krosus to deal less damage to its targets than intended