Das neue Patch 7.2 bringt natürlich auch einiges an Unstimmigkeiten mit sich, die lassen sich oft auch nicht umgehen. Daher wurde nun ein neues Hotfix eingespielt das ein paar der Fehler beheben soll. In den kommenden Tagen werden wahrscheinlich mehrere weitere Hotfix aufgespielt. Die aktuelle Patchnote zum Hotfix findet ihr hier in englischer Originalfassung.


Broken Shore

  • The number of Legionfall War Supplies required to complete construction of the Broken Shore buildings has been significantly reduced.
  • Broken Shore rare spawn creatures that get markers on your map and minimap should remain marked for you after they’ve been slain.


  • Death Knight
    • Howling Blast will now correctly deal its area damage if it kills the primary target.
    • Runic Chills reduces Sindragosa’s Fury cooldown by 1 second per proc (was 3 seconds).
    • Thronebreaker damage reduced by 50%.
  • Druid
    • Wax and Wane bonus 15% (from 5%).
    • Wax and Wane affects Sunfire in addition to Moonfire (tooltip won’t be clear about this in 7.2).
  • Hunter
    • Unerring Arrows bonus is now 4% per point (was 10% per point).
  • Mage
    • Aegwynn’s Intensity trait adds the correct amount of critical strike % to Arcane Missiles.
  • Monk
    • Split Personality cooldown reduction increased to 5 seconds per rank (was 3 seconds per rank).
    • Whispers  of Shaohao’s heal radius is now set to 30 yards from the respective Mist.
  • Paladin
    • Righteous Verdict bonus increased to 8% per point (was 5% per point).
  • Priest
    • Shadowfiend modified by Glyph of the Sha is now properly affected by the Artifact Trait Fiending Dark.
  • Rogue
    • Sinister Circulation now has a 0.5 second proc cooldown.
  • Warlock
    • Rend Souls proc rate is now 4% (was 12%).
    • Rend Souls damage is no longer doubled by Reap Souls, but its proc rate still is.
  • Warrior
    • Soul of the Slaughter Artifact Trait proc chance increased to 1.0%/Rage (was 0.5%) and healing increased by 50%.

Class Hall

  • Active Artifact Knowledge work orders will instantly complete when a player zones into the order hall if that player has 25 or less total Artifact Knowledge.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Cathedral of Eternal Night
    • Group Finder groups should now properly end the dungeon with Mephistroth.
  • The Nighthold
    • High Botanist Tel’arn
      • Solarist Tel’arn and Naturalist Tel’arn now properly mirror High Botanist Telarn’s current health when they spawn after Nightosis and all throughout the fight.
    • Spellblade Aluriel
      • Fel Stomp (Mythic difficulty-only) once again properly displays its visual.


  • Distilled Titan Essence will now reliably upgrade Legion Legendary items from 910 to 940.


  • An appropriate amount of Obliterum is now given from obliterating crafted items.


  • Players are no longer prevented from entering the Vault of Eyir if “The Gates Are Closed” is available.