Heute gab es wieder ein kleinen Hotfix, dieses mal ist etwas für die Artifact Challenge sowie ein fix für Hunter und übliche bugfixs enthalten. Die aktuelle Patchnote zum Hotfix findet ihr hier in englischer Originalfassung.


Artifact Challenge

  • The difficulty of the Tank Artifact Challenge at the Mage Tower has been adjusted:
    • Highlord Kruul’s health reduced by 10%.
    • Inquisitor Variss health reduced by 10%.
    • Kor’vas Bloodthorn’s health increased by 100%.
    • Nether Horror health reduced by 20%.
    • Tormenting Eye health reduced by 20%.
    • Smoldering Infernals are now summoned less frequently.

Broken Shore

  • When you first activate a portal of any given type with a beacon, it will now last 10 seconds longer.
  • The chance to loot Portal-Stones that can be used to call down powerful Lieutenants has been doubled.
  • The Warden Initiate has received additional training, and can now fly alongside you. She has also learned to use her abilities more frequently and in a smaller area of effect.
  • Players can now vendor excess Sentinax beacons that they don’t wish to hold on to.
  • The Ashtongue Felsmith has become aware of his burning region, and is no longer standing in his forge at Deliverance Point.



  • Fixed a bug that occasionally kept Gon from spawning as expected.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Rethu’s Incessant Courage from counting certain hostile creatures as valid targets.


  • The flight path between Algen Point (Broken Shore) and Hafr Fjall (Stormheim) has been adjusted to follow a better route.