FĂĽr diesen Mittwoch arbeitet Blizzard sich einen neuen Hotfix mit einer Menge an Buffs und Nerfs fĂĽr die Klassen in World of Warcraft aus. Das macht auch Sinn, so startet am selbigen Mittwoch jetzt auch der mythische Modus vom Grabmal des Sageras. Hier die vorab Patchnote zum Hotfix.

Hier geht es zur Live Patchonte dieser Ă„nderungen!


Original Meldung:

Class Tuning for June 27 (quelle)



  • Ăśberleben

    • Der Schaden von allen Fähigkeiten wird um 4% erhöht.


  • Windläufer

    • Der Schaden von allen Fähigkeiten wird um 2.5% erhöht.
    • Furorfäuste wird 12% mehr Schaden verursachen.



Class Tuning for June 27

One other change that is currently in testing:

Frost Mage:
Glacial Spike: the stored Icicle damage component no longer benefits from %-damage buffs on the caster.
Glacial Spike damage increased by 50%.

This is to prevent Glacial Spike from „double-dipping“ %-damage buffs. That is, since the Icicles have already been buffed by things like Versatility or Incanter’s Flow, that portion of Glacial Spike’s damage should not benefit again. This matches the behavior of regular Icicles, which do not benefit from those types of buffs.

This has been a live issue through the expansion, and we know it’s slightly last-minute for a fix now, but we grew concerned about Glacial Spike’s interaction with some very large encounter-based damage buffs in the new content. Since fixing the double-dip behavior is the correct long-term solution, it was best to do it now, and compensate Glacial’s Spike’s own damage to account for the loss of Icicle damage. The goal is not to meaningfully nerf Frost in any normal situation (if fact, Glacial Spike should get somewhat stronger in any setup that’s not heavily built around it). We welcome any rigorous feedback on whether the above number correctly accomplishes that goal.